Verzet Amsterdam [Resistance Amsterdam]

Verzet Amsterdam [Resistance Amsterdam], with its relevance to today’s global threats, dramatizes the true story of the valiant Dutch artists in World War II occupied Amsterdam who banded together to resist fascism and protect Jews from deportation and death. They came from differing artistic careers, races, religions and sexual identities. When their first efforts faced exposure, they decided on a more drastic and decisive action. Cellist Frieda Belinfante, poet Willi Arondeus, composer Jan Van Gilse, sculptor Gerrit Van Der Veen, museum curator Willem Sandberg and Surinamese Dutch  activist Anton de Kom risked their lives to save their Jewish neighbors.

Directed by Robert Gonzales Jr. and Barbara Kahn
Set and light design by Mark Marcante
Costume design by Everett Clark
Sound design by Joy Linscheid
Vintage prop design by Lytza R. Colon
Graphic design by Virginia Asman
Photo and video services by Joe Bly

Cast: Steve Barkman, Benjamin Cardona, Robert Gonzales Jr., Carl Ellis Grant, Jared Johnston, Anya Krawcheck, Christopher Lowe, Paolo Solis, Steph Van Vlack.

April 5-22, 2018 in the Cino performance space

Partial funding for the production is provided by The Puffin Foundation as well as private donations.