Where W.11th Meets W.4th St., Greenwich Village

Directed by Barbara Kahn and Lisa Marjorie Barnes

Featuring:Lisa Marjorie Barnes
Jennifer DeMartino
Catherine Dowling
Lisa Gluckin
Alyss Henderson
Karen Klebbe
Kimberly Wright

Set design………….Andrea Lauryn Singer
Lighting…………….Todd Reemtsma
Costumes……….Laurita E. Shields
Graphics……….Virginia Asman

February 5-22, 1998.
Theater for the New City. New York City.

Place: Three different apartments in and outside a brownstone apartment building in Greenwich Village; a Greenwich Village outdoor cafe; a train station.
Time: The present.

Two "New York" stories interweave in a series of seven vignettes about women meeting women, old friends, new love and true romance. All are about the comedy of errors that result when people make incorrect assumptions about each other.

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